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Get EVERY CSGO skin without spending any money with the use of a Skin Changer


Skin Changer – an amazing program for CS GO , which allows you to change the skin

of the weapon to any desired by you. The main feature of the program is that it does not fit into the game code, so the chance to get a vaccine is quite low, but it can be said that it is not possible at all.

Download  skin changer for the new version

Download Cs Go Skin Changer latest version on our website. If there is a download limit, then write in the comments and we will certainly reload the file specially for you!

Currently the current version of the program:  CSGOChanger V2

How to install Skin Changer

Installing a new skinchanger CHP 

Instruction on Alpha:

1. Launch CS GO Changer.exe
2. It unzips, click on “Run”.
3. In the main program tab, adjust the injection time  from 3 to 20 seconds
4. Press the “Letalthy Inventory Editor” button
5. Start the game
6. Wait for the timer + 10 seconds
7. Press the Home button

Popular questions and answers to them

Vac Ban for Skin Changer?

Cases of obtaining VAC have already been, but they are very small (from the Changer itself so far nobody blocked, those who used other programs sometimes get blocked), if you are afraid – do not use the program

How to completely remove the skin changer?

Just delete all the files from the cs go folder

Does Skin Changer support competitive mode?

Yes. You can easily play in a competitive mode without the risk of being kicked because of VAC

How do I update my skin changer?

Run csgochanger_updater or download the new version on our website

Problems CS GO Skin Changer

Unhandled exception in the application – Skin Changer

Access to the path “C: \ source.dll” is denied

The problem is solved by running the program from the Admin Name

Disappeared knives and skins in Skin Changer

Rarely does this problem appear, but it’s quite easy to solve: you need to uninstall the program and then install it again.

Csc.exe file not found

Most likely, when you installed the program, you did not disable the antivirus, which resulted in the deletion of the program file. Reinstall the program after disabling the antivirus.

Updated skin changer V2

1. Reduced the picture in the menu, reminiscent of a RAM-disk or USB flash drive.

2. And most importantly:

I overwritten all the code, now the library does not require any changes (roughly speaking it does not refer to updates), now the program can  run at least on the low-end computer at school, well, except for Net.Framework, which is necessary for .NET work applications (those that are written in C #).

3. The program has become MORE loyal to the “ticks”, if previously I personally worked only when the third tick was installed, but now it works in general with a fucking cloud of their combinations, although I clean everything, I leave everything, though I leave only 3 or 4 , or 5.

4. The font has been added to the program folder, it needs to be installed (run, click on Install).
The thing is that the previous version, from FuckFace, used it from DirectX, is not used in this version, and the extended font is needed.
In most cases it is already preinstalled in Windows, but we know that you like to download fucking repacks from torrents in which half of the original image of Windows is cut.

That is, if you do not have a font installed – or letters in the menu will be curves (hieroglyphs, scribbles and other rubbish), or you will get an error
(ARIALUNI.TTF can`t be found!), In this case install it from the program folder.

5. New Skinzes have not yet added, so many have accumulated, that it was simply not time to fill them – they will be later.

Meanwhile, rumors are circulating that new skins for gloves will appear in the new assembly.